Opla creates virtual assistants to empower workers in their daily tasks.

Our first product creates a website instantly from a conversation with our chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

Hey Opla, create my website !

Meet the chatbot that helps entrepreneurs get their share on the web with a natural conversation on Messenger.

Opla is a virtual assistant that creates and manages websites instantly from any mobile, tablet and desktop.

A natural conversation with Opla, on Facebook Messenger for example, generates your website. You can then ask Opla to modifie your website to make it better everyday instantly. Opla is a robot that uses Artificial Intelligence to produce websites, suggest texts and images, and help you to grow your business online.


Let’s empower small companies to shine online

Small businesses are often poorly equipped in terms of websites. Some use old technology, some lack Search Engine Optimization, others are not adapted to mobile devices and most of them are simply not up-to-date. As most company owners do not have the capacity or knowledge to handle this technicality themselves, they struggle to find a solution adapted to their needs. We created ClermontWeb to enable everyone to communicate online more efficiently.

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The team

Marie Dorange, Opla's CEO and co-founder

Marie Dorange

Opla’s Co-founder and CEO 

First Art Director in advertising for big companies, and then web entrepreneur, Marie has a deep understanding of clients’ needs and behaviors, and strong branding skills.


Mik Bry, opla's CTO and co-founder

Mik Bry

Opla’s Co-founder and CTO 

Mik has a 17 years’ experience with web and mobile development, and likes to use a problem-solution approach. He has worked with several startups as well as big companies, and has run a digital company for over 15 years. Mik has always worked in the innovation sector, both in France and in the US.


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